Aloha and Welcome!

Aloha, my name is Todd and I started this website on several requests from people who have seen my bubble making. I started bubbling for my nephew(Aka) and it has evolved to a point where I could not have imagined a short time ago. Every time I visited Aka he wanted to bubble and I was challenged to think of new ways to entertain him with the bubbles.

One day everything changed when I saw some people on the internet making EXTREMELY large bubbles. I was fascinated and I also wanted to make the giant bubbles. I headed down to the store, got some supplies, and blindly made an attempt. I guess it was beginners luck, but my first attempt actually worked out pretty good. I was able to make ten foot plus tubes and I was hooked. My later attempts were not as successful, but after a lot of learning, trial and error, and persistence I was able to make bubbles similar to the ones that I had seen on the internet.

Today, I don't know who enjoys the bubbles more, Aka or myself. There have been several occasions when the kids are done playing and I'm still out trying to make my best bubble of the day.

Hopefully you will get the same joy out of the bubbles that I do.

A hui hou,

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