Uncle Todd's Giant Bubble Mix Concentrate

- 16oz (2 cups) of concentrate = 2 Gallons of Water (32 cups)
- 8oz (1 cup) of concentrate = 1 Gallon of Water (16 cups)
- 4oz (1/2 cup) of concentrate = 1/2 Gallon of Water (8 cups)
- 2oz (1/4 cup) of concentrate = 1/4 Gallon of Water (4 cups)

Mixing Instructions

1 - Add water to bucket

2 - Add bubble mix concentrate to water

3 - Mix thoroughly until the concentrate is fully integrated with the water (be careful not to make foam)

* Do not store concentrate in direct sunlight

For better results

- Use clean buckets and clean water (Hawaii's tap water is good)
- Mix slowly to avoid making foam
- Make small amounts and you can make more
- If you get excess amounts of foam while bubbling, scoop off the foam for better bubbles
- Avoid potential contaminants. Ingredients in products like bug spray and certain sun screens can potentially damage the bubble mix. I have not been able to pin point the specific ingredient.

Best conditions for bubbling

- High humidity (mornings and evenings)
- Lighter wind
- Clean air


If you have left over mix it should be stored in a clean covered container and should be free of anything that could contamiante the mix (grass, sand, leaves, etc.). A strainer works well for removing all the solids. The diluted bubble mix will have a limited life and I would recommend using it up in one to two weeks.

* Non Toxic
** Biodegradable
*** Warning: Slip hazard - Do not bubble on or around slippery areas like pools or walkways

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