Wand Instructions

Assembling the wands:

The wand handles come in four pieces, two red and two blue. Wet the red and blue connectors with bubble solution and slip them into the same colored tubes.

How to make monster size bubbles:

Hold the tips together in the closed position.

Dip the flexible bubble loop into the bubble mix and let it soak for a couple of minutes the first time. Be sure to get the tip of the sticks wet with solution as well. Dry sticks will pop the bubbles as they form.

If the cords are twisted near the tips of the sticks, twist the stick in the opposite direction of the twist until the cord loop looks like the photo below. Keep the tips of the sticks together as you remove them from the solution.

With a light breeze at you back, hold the sticks out to your side and slowly pull them apart to the open position.

The bubble will start to form as the breeze blows the bubble film outward. Bring the tips back together and the bubble will seal and float away. If you keep the sticks in the open position, a long bubble tube will keep forming until it pops or you bring the tips together.

If there is no breeze, hold the sticks in the open position and pull them through the air by walking backwards, forwards or slowly spin around in a circle. You have to make all you movements slowly, just fast enough to form the bubble or it will pop.

As the bubble film across the loop breaks you will need to dip the loop and tips into the bubble solution again. Always keep the sticks in the closed position when you are not making bubbles.
You should dip the loop after each big bubble.

If the breeze is too strong, just open the loop an inch or two. This will create a cloud of small bubbles. You can also get behind a windbreak, like a building or a group of trees.

There are also adjustable sliding tabs near the ends of the sticks. The tabs can also be adjusted to make a garland type loop.

Big Bubble Hints, Tips and Clues:

Big bubbles do not like direct sunlight. Get in the shade. Big bubbles love cool cloudy days. The best big bubbles can be made in the early morning, around sunset and into the night. Big bubbles last the longest after a rain. Making bubbles near a camp fire or a well lit area after dark is a special treat. Do not stir the solution with the wand as it will tangle the cord and make foam. Big bubbles do not like foam; it causes the bubbles to pop prematurely. Remove foam from surface of solution occasionally.


Rinse the wand and the loop with water and let the loop hang dry. Once the loop is dry it can be wrapped around the tips of the poles for storage. Do not allow the loop to get musty or modly as it will affect performce of the loop. If the loop should get dirty it should be washed and rinsed with dish soap and water before the next use.

Bubble Troubles

1) Dust, pollen, insects, and air pollution. When anything dry touches a bubble it will pop; Objects as small as a piece of dust or pollen will pop even the biggest bubbles. These are often the unseen forces that will pop your big bubbles when just the day before you where making monster size bubbles that would last and last.

2) Dry sticks: Make sure your sticks are wet with solution at least three inches up from the tips.

3) Dry air: Some days the air is so dry that big bubbles are almost impossible. Adding a little more water to your solution sometimes helps. Also try bubbling in the early morning, the air has the most humidity then. Wait for a rain, the most amazing bubble can be made right after it rains.

4) Sunshine: Big bubbles don’t like direct sunlight. It dries a spot on their surface and, just like a balloon with a hole, it pops. Get in the shade. After a bubble is formed and starts spinning it has a better chance of surviving in the sunshine. Wait for clouds, bubbles have the best color show on a cloudy day.

5) Dirty solution. It is important to keep your solution clean, free of dirt and debris. If the bubble loop does touch the ground, be sure to rinse it off before putting it back in the solution. If the solution gets dirty, don’t add more clean solution. Use up the old solution and rinse the dip container before adding more.

6) Poppers: Small children love to pop bubbles more than anything. They can’t wait to be the first one to pop the next bubble. Make a game of it! Set a line 15 feet downwind. No one can pop the bubbles before they get to that line. Create lots of small bubbles for them to pop by holding the tips close together in a strong breeze. It will make hundred of bubbles in a minute. Hold the wands high in the air. Our two handle design makes creating big bubbles high up in the air easy. This makes the children jump to pop the bubbles.

You will never tire of making giant bubbles, or the fun and joy it creates in everyone that sees them.